Perfectly Produce - Guided nutrition and weight loss help focused on the therapeutic use of whole, real foods. Specializing in individuals at high-risk for developing chronic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes.




Perfectly:  Completely, fully, adequately

Produce:  i. To bring into existence by intellectual or creative ability; ii. Agricultural products; esp. fruits and vegetables



Teaching Individuals How to Use Food and Lifestyle as Medicine


Everyday individuals are faced with multiple lifestyle choices that will either promote health or contribute to a lower quality of life and chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, stroke, certain cancers, and dementia. 

Lifestyle choices determine what you eat, how active you are, how you manage stress, how likely you are to sustain healthy changes, and ultimately contribute to your risk for developing chronic lifestyle diseases.

Perfectly Produce offers guided weight loss and lifestyle management help, including nutrition, culinary training, holistic fitness, and behavior change skills training, to individuals at high-risk for developing chronic lifestyle diseases. Risk factors include:

    • Overweight - BMI >25 (find out here)
    • Fasting blood sugar >100 mg/dl
    • Blood pressure >120/80 mmHg
    • Triglycerides >150 mg/dl
    • HDL <35 mg/dl
    • High Stress and Inactivity
    • High Intake of Added Sugar (>10% of daily calories)

Any combination of these factors increases the risk for developing chronic lifestyle diseases, but the good news is that the progression of risk from lifestyle choices is preventable.  And this is how we help. We guide you step-by-step on where to start and how to consistently make lifestyle changes to support your health goals for a lifetime... a real lifetime - one with too little time, too much stress, and too many temptations.



Our Services


  • Integrates nutrition, culinary skills training, holistic fitness, and behavior modification (with topics like stress management and how the brain makes new habits) into a simple, one step at a time, real life solution.
  • Uses food - not supplements or meal replacement products.
  • Emphasizes the significance of incremental change - avoiding all-or-nothing mentality.
  • Teaches you what a truly therapeutic, healthy lifestyle is - one that helps protect you from chronic disease long-term. Experience this alternative to short-term, rapid weight loss and temporary trends.



  • Nutritionist created produce-based recipes developed to be naturally low in sugar . 
  • Simple, doable recipes for any skill level using familiar whole, real foods.
  • Each e-book contains recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, a 4-week meal plan + shopping lists, and weekly make-ahead cooking guides.





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